Graduate Diploma in Hardware/AIoT Product Design and Engineering

ProtoSem, a 20-week immersive program that embeds an innovation centred approach to engineering education right into the core of the engineering curriculum.

This first-of-its-kind program aimed at engineering tech enabled solutions for real-world problems using tools offered by creative technologies covering IOT sensors & networks, 3D printing, desktop fabrication, industrial automation, robotics, low-volume electronics manufacturing & assembly, artificial intelligence & machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing etc.

The goal is to impart necessary skills to student innovators for solving localised problems in interdisciplinary teams and build Minimum Usable Prototypes through various means such as expert training, tech & innovation mentoring, adaptive learning, tinkering and exploration.

ProtoSem [MicroInnovators] is the first step of the FORGE.FELLOWS program, a full-time, residential pre-incubation program to activate innovative ideas into permanently deployable solutions to test and validate the market and business potential. Based on the progress/merit of the students, upon graduation they are offered extended pre-incubation support to complete customer trials, to develop a business execution model, and to get ready for seed capital and business acceleration.

Young engineering/science students solve the real-world challenges using the tools enabled by hardware, software and computing technologies, to create Graduate Innovation Engineers - fully rounded professionals with more balanced skills in the Innovation, Technology, and Engineering talent dimensions. The program imparts sound practical as well as conceptual knowledge in key skill areas in order to enhance their employability across several sectors, to secure immediate term employment as well as to achieve faster career growth.

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72 Hours / Week






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ProtoSem curriculum and course at its core has the focus on enabling students to learn the skills and competencies necessary to achieve progress in prototyping their innovative ideas. Guided by the mantra "Right PROTOTYPE, Prototype RIGHT" , students learn the significance of prototyping and understand that building the Minimum Usable Prototype (MUP) is the first and foremost milestone in their innovation pursuits.

Applied Design Thinking

Electronic System Design

Artificial Intelligence of Things

Startup Fundamentals

Embedded System Design & Development

Application Development & Android Things

Industrial Design & Product Development

IPR Fundamentals & patent drafting

FORGE Innovation Council

HWjunction is the integrated innovation lab for rapid hardware prototyping housed inside FORGE.FACTORY, the 20,000 sq.ft. incubation centre established in Coimbatore, created to catalyse the hardware/tech innovation pursuits of the #innovators #makers #creators #tinkerers #startups #entrepreneurs

A comprehensive suite of equipment, resources, and tech expertise are offered to support up to 25 hardware startups concurrently in the areas of IoT, Electronics design, test & measurement, AI/ML/DL, 3D Digital fabrication, PCB design and assembly, IT computing, drones, robotics, and AR-VR.

The HWjunction portal will provide an exhaustive overview of the 11 constituent labs in HWjunction, covering the specifications of the equipment, tools, and resources on offer.



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