Drone Based Assset Management For Solar Farms

Drone Based Assset Management For Solar Farms

"Smart solar farm monitoring system uses drones to capture the imagery to identify if any solar panel is missing, damaged or requires any other form of maintenance such as cleaning due to dust accumulation. The system is capable of sending the data to the management via web application or mobile application to aid in decision making. "




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Product Innovation Rubric

S.No. Questions iCamp ProtoSem LaunchPad
1 Is the problem statement defined clearly ? 10 14 -
2 Is the problem worth solving ? 10 10 -
3 Is the choosen target customer strongly motivated to solve the problem ? 4 8 -
4 Is the core value proposition defined, quantified and validated ? 8 12 -
5 Is the MUP Concept effective in testing the target value proposition ? 8 12 -

Innovation Quadrant Evaluation


Presented at American society for engineering education ASEE 125th annual conference in Utah, USA